Plant-Based food
Plant-Based food

Singapore! Hoshay Boh?

Hoshay has officially soft launched in Singapore on 22 April 2022, in conjunction with Earth Day! Have you spotted us around your neighbourhood?

This time, we are bringing you a new generation of food experience that is healthy and sustainable to enjoy. It’s time to wake the warrior in your roots!

With this rollout, Hoshay will be increasing the accessibility of delicious and nutritious plant-based meat options to even more consumers in Singapore!

Hoshay offers 3 series of plant-based alternatives ranging from Hoshay Sizzle, Hoshay Munchies and Hoshay Now. The plant-based offerings are derived from natural ingredients such as soybean, tofu skin, shiitake mushrooms and coconut oil. Some of the great-tasting offerings such as Plant-based Tomato Mushroom Meatball and Plant-based Crispy Fried Chicken are definitely worth trying.

Followed by the growing number of health-conscious consumers embracing plant-based lifestyles, Hoshay is committed to manufacturing excellence. As a fast-growing company backed by 27 years of manufacturing experience and state-of-the-art production technology, our focus on innovation allows us to constantly seek for new creative outputs to enhance our products.

Moving forward, Hoshay will be investing in giving consumers more choices to switch to plant-based meals without having to compromise the taste. With these low processive and more natural goods, consumers could enjoy stress-free meals aside from meeting health and environmental concerns.

Hoshay is currently available at Tonichi Tsukemen Singapore, Jollibean Singapore, FitThree, The Rebel Company Cafe & Bar, and Southwest Punggol Restaurant and Bar.

Visit these spots and explore Hoshay now! 

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