Celebrate With Us-Hoshay Has Just Launched In Singapore!

Plant-based diets have slowly been imparted into our daily life. It is no longer born out of religious reasons but opting for a better healthy lifestyle. Besides, in pursuit of health, many choose a plant-based diet out of concern for animal welfare or to reduce their environmental footprint.

This year, Hoshay has proudly launched in Singapore on 29th June. It is a new milestone that has been stepped upon after a long haul of preparation to ensure that all the products offer the most innovative, healthy yet delicious to the market.

Backed by 27 years of manufacturing experience in the food industry, we have developed a variety of products which are high in soya protein, include a source of highly digestible plant-based protein, and contain no cholesterol. They are also free of animal hormones, MSG, peanuts and sesame.

Hoshay has been certified with FSSC 22000, HACCP and Halal to ensure all products are up to the safety standard. Our products have two key ingredients: shiitake mushrooms and tofu skin, which are healthy and nutrient-dense.

Shiitake mushrooms support immunity and heart health while being rich in taste (for that addictive yet natural umami flavour). It also brings out the “meaty” texture and is low in calories! The nutritious fungus is also high in B vitamins and is a source of vitamin D for healthy blood vessels and bones. While for Tofu skin is rich in protein, calcium and many other healthy nutrients essential for protecting our health. It is perfect for those desiring a grain-free and low in calorie option.

Celebrate With Us- Hoshay Has Just Launched In Singapore!
Celebrate With Us- Hoshay Has Just Launched In Singapore!
Celebrate With Us- Hoshay Has Just Launched In Singapore!

Our Chief Executive Officer, Ms Chris Ooi says: “Our commitment to providing a more ethical and more sustainable food alternative has led us to make this promise to our customers.”

With our experience in manufacturing, we have managed to catch the attention of many reputable food establishments. Well-known eateries that have discerning taste and quality, like Jollibean, Tonichi Tsukemen, Canopy, The Mason Table and Ola Beach Bar, to name a few, have all come to count on Hoshay to cater to their clienteles’ plant-based cravings. As for Lean Bento, they carry a good range of plant-based offerings from Meatball Rice Bento to Unagi Croissant Box.

Our grand launching was held at Mason Table, an upscale European restaurant near Fort Canning that also uses Hoshay’s products to create fine-dining menus. The fine food prepared by Chef Tim where dishes such as Duo Unagi (plant-based unagi served two ways, grilled and tempura, alongside sushi rice), Crispy Fried Chicken with Mixed Salad, and Potato Dumpling Stuffed Mushroom Meatball with a flourish of creamy Diane sauce were serving to delighted guests.

It is to show how plant-based foods can be easily integrated into one’s lifestyle and suit just about any occasion. We are glad that our VIP diners were amazed at the flavourful of Hoshay’s meat-free food selection and even more so by the health aspects and difference it is making by reducing the environmental impact through their plant-based foods!

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