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With more than 26 years of manufacturing expertise, Hoshay Warriors only bring you the top quality of products by using advanced production technologies and aims for manufacturing excellence. Hoshay focus on innovation and are committed to develop a diverse range of products to satisfy the demands and needs of the consumers.

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Hoshay offers the all-time favourites in the classic tastes of Western Delights! It is a Signature meal with brand new tastes, our warriors will definitely love it!



Nothing beats the food that is crunchy and juicy! We’re here to make your Snack Time guilt-free! Perfect for sharing and party, and our warriors will fight for it!



An array of delicious Grab N’ Go meals that can be ready in a few minutes! You can now take a break from the kitchen. Say Hoshay!

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It’s Rooted In Us!

Less Land

Choosing plants over meat greatly reduces global farmland use by more than 75%

Less Emission

For every person who adopts a plant-based diet, they help reduce carbon footprint by 1.5 tons a year.

Less Water

Being on a plant-based diet saves water consumption by almost a 100 times!


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